Where do I begin with my DIY Credit Repair in 2017?

You will have to be serious about raising your credit score as it takes hard work and perseverance but you can do it yourself. Credit repair agencies will follow the same basic procedures you will need to follow for a fee. If you are very busy or just don’t have confidence in your ability to repair your credit and raise your credit score then perhaps a credit repair agency is right for you. You really have to be careful because there are a lot of scams in the credit repair industry. We have articles posted that can advise you on selecting an agency to repair your credit and raise your credit score.

If you want to use a Credit Repair agency read this article to help you choose your credit repair company. https://creditcounsel.org/choose-your-credit-repair-company-with-caution/

Another article to help you decide if you should use a credit repair agency can be found here. https://creditcounsel.org/should-i-use-a-credit-repair-agency/

If you want to try DIY Credit Repair read this article: Understanding Credit Repair Building on our website. https://creditcounsel.org/understanding-credit-repair-building/

One national resource available on Amazon is Credit Repair: The Simple, Easy, Effective Guide To Repair Bad Credit & BOOST Your Credit Score



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